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Some Temporary Adjustments

As those of you who follow me on Facebook already have heard, I’ve had a bit of a … mishap. I managed to fracture my 3rd lumbar vertebra while helping my boy, Kai, through a health situation last week. Kai is doing very well now, recovering nicely, and is back to a good 95% of his normal, happy self.

I, on the other hand, am in a back brace and decidedly grouchy. The fracture is a simple one, not displaced, and should heal just fine as long as I behave myself.

I am, however, available with some minor modifications to the usual routine.

Primarily, it is most uncomfortable to sit for any length of time. Therefore, email sessions might require a few installments before I can get notes typed up and sent, and Skype sessions will be put on hiatus for a few weeks. Phone consultations are probably best, as I can move about to remain as comfortable as possible as we talk. Of course, it’s always available to put the phone on speaker if clients wish to record those sessions in lieu of the usual typed up set of email notes. I can still do email consultations, of course, as long as a bit of extra patience is applied in waiting for the notes to be sent.

I also want to take a moment to thank those who have sent such kind notes of support and prayers and wishes for healing.

Thank you for your patience as I make these adjustments.




Rebuild Progressing

Thank you all for your patience as I continue to rebuild in its new location. Feel free to look around the site. You’ll find that most of the Consultation info is restored, as well as the basic information about my writing and published books. In addition, I’ve added an Our Animal Friends section where you can learn about my dedication to animal rescue and meet the non-human members of our family.

I will also be adding back issues of Creature Thoughts as I get time, and will try to restore some of my other informative articles. I hope to be adding new content more often, as well.

What started out as a major disaster a few days ago, may in fact have turned into a blessing. I’m weeding out the clutter and have a fresh new start with a server that has a top-notch reputation for truly secure WordPress hosting.

Visit often, and drop me a note if you have suggestions, find problems, or just want to get in touch!


New Location Working

It appears that the nameservers across the ‘net have caught up with each other, and most are now pointing “” to this location, the new host.

Some things have changed. For instance, although you can still use my two main email addresses, they will be forwarded to my gmail address rather than being picked up directly. It might work to put into your address book or approved senders settings, therefore, to ensure a response to your email.

Due to slightly different features being available on the new server, the site will look a little different in some aspects.

I will be gradually restoring information (yes, it’s all backed up in other formats) to the site a little at a time as I get the time to do so. I’ll start with the most recent Creature Thoughts issue, and will try to do that over the weekend if not today.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience.