Creature Thoughts: May 2020, Wildlife Season

This year’s wildlife season brings many challenges to wildlife rescue centers and rehabilitators. The COVID-19 situation, with social distancing and limited gatherings, has meant that many wildlife centers have lost a key source of their donation income. At New York Wildlife Rescue, the organization I work with, the educational programs have had to be put on hold, and that means that a large percentage of their donations have dried up. There are many other wild animal rescue organizations, and individual rehabbers, in the same situation.

Emergency Funds Needed for Saluki Rescue

Recently, a Saluki person passed away in the southwest, US, and one of the dogs in need of rehoming was found non-responsive in the owner’s yard when the volunteers went to pick him up. This boy is now in critical care, but recovering, and his prognosis, though guarded, has improved.

However, the situation has led to vet bills that are already high and climbing daily. STOLA is in need of donations to cover this poor boy’s bills, and I would be so grateful to anyone who might visit their website and make a donation.

Donations Needed at NELR! 100+ New Rescues

This week (11/17/15) there was a large animal rescue that occurred in a neighboring town of Westerlo, NY. Over 200 animals were retrieved from deplorable conditions at a home there. Northeast Llama Rescue / NY Wildlife Rescue and Wes Laraway have taken in over 100 — all of the chickens, ducks and pigeons as well…

This Little Kitty

We’ve been adopted. We are held at a distance, and she is terribly afraid. Those who rescue animals often talk about the “baggage” they come with. Well, this kitty has brought the whole darned baggage compartment with her, the poor thing.

2015’s Rehab Failure: Imprinting in Baby Wildlife

On my Animal Family page, I describe briefly how my pet Starlings and House Sparrows arrived in my life. In addition to the various other animal-servant hats I wear, I’m also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In particular, I care for baby songbirds, raising them for release back into the wild. Most of the time, this…