Unavailable Times

If I am going to be away or otherwise unavailable, I will post those days and times below. In addition, I post daily and last-minute changes to Twitter. Those posts can be read in the sidebar of this website, so always check there as well. I also post these details to Facebook, if you follow me there.

  • As of 1 January 2022, I will stop taking new clients at all. Also, I am scheduling email sessions only, due to the uncertainty of daily time spots. Health issues make it necessary to limit my sessions to 1 per day. Thus, please be sure to contact me with plenty of advance notice if you need help with your animals.
  • In general, Sundays are my day for household and family needs, so I do not schedule sessions.
  • Known days that I will be away: There are no definite planned “outages” for the month of April. I’ll post here if that changes.

More information about hours of operation can be found on the Important Info page.