Unavailable Times

If I am going to be away or otherwise unavailable, I will post those days and times below. In addition, I post daily and last-minute changes to Twitter. Those posts can be read in the sidebar of this website, so always check there as well. I also post these details to Facebook, if you follow me there.

  • I am unavailable to new clients unless they have a personal referral from an existing client in good standing. I am scheduling email sessions only, due to the uncertainty of daily time spots.
  • In general, Sundays are my day for household and family needs, so I do not schedule sessions.
  • February 3rd, 2021: I may not be able to function well enough to do sessions for a few days. We lost our precious Ryder today. His battle with hemangiosarcoma finally got to be too much for him. Thank you for understanding.
  • I will be unavailable February 8th, 2021. (Stay tuned, as this may change if I can get an earlier appointment.)

More information about hours of operation can be found on the Important Info page.