Unavailable Times

If I am going to be away or otherwise unavailable, I will post those days and times below. In addition, I post daily and last-minute changes to Twitter. Those posts can be read in the sidebar of this website, so always check there as well. I also post these details to Facebook, if you follow me there.

  • Until further notice, I will have to limit consultations to E-MAIL SESSIONS, ONLY. An exception will be made for clients who do not have access to email, but due to the current confusion around my availability, those clients will have to understand that things can change at very short notice.
  • In addition, Thursday the 22nd (Thanksgiving Day in the US), Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, I will be unavailable.
  • Life is a bit lopsided at the moment, and I may be randomly unavailable without much notice. I apologize for the inconvenience.

More information about hours of operation can be found on the Important Info page.