Dogs: Special Training – 2

The “Positive Training and Behavior” section was the largest part of the old book shop interface, and the majority of the books on those topics are about dogs. Therefore, I am dividing that section here, into books on general training, special training issues, and behavior for dogs. Then, there will be a section for cats, and a section for other animals.
Note that I do not promote punishment-based training, or “dominance theory” training in dogs (or any animal). Positive reinforcement training has been proven by all experts on animal welfare as the best way to develop a close relationship with our animals, as well as guiding them to appropriate and desired behavior.

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Click & Play Agility: Agility is a playful game. Dogs don’t care if you win or lose, they only care how you play the game. Not only does Click & Play Agility tell you how, but it tells you why the click and play training techniques described work. Let author Angelica Steinker guide you through the science of how dogs learn so that you can better understand how to teach agility to your dog.
Clicker Dances with Dogs by Kay Laurence: Canine Freestyle, dancing with your dog to music, is a wonderful sport. Explore Freestyle, using clicker training to teach the steps that will dance you and your dog to a beautiful performance.
Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt: Learn how to turn stress to confidence and distraction to focus using methods that are 110% positive. Leslie McDevitt’s versatile Control Unleashed program is designed to help “dogs with issues” learn how to relax, focus, and work off-leash reliably in either stimulating or stressful situations. This is one of my favorite go-to books, and I’ve recommended it to so many of my dog-loving friends.
When Pigs Fly by Jane Killien: Do you have one of those “impossible” dogs? Get smart and find out how to work with your dog s nature, not against it. Terriers are not Labs (an understatement) so why train them the same way? Fun, practical, informative and successful!
Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: This book will help you set your puppy on the path to being a polite, well-socialized, happy companion in just one week. In a simple, fun way, Dr. Sophia Yin tells the story of working with her dad’s puppy, Lucy, to illustrate how you can train your puppy, too.
Teaching Fido Learn to Earn: Your dog can learn to control his impulsivity and look to you for guidance in distracting or difficult situations. It starts by training Fido to automatically say please by sitting for treats, then for petting, and then for everything else he wants. in this booklet, Dr. Sophia A. Yin, veterinarian and animal-behavior expert, gives you an overview of her fun, reward-based Learn to Earn training program which will teach you how to provide leadership while training your dog to be patient and to look for you for guidance. (Kindle only.)