Dogs: General Training – 1

The “Positive Training and Behavior” section was the largest part of the old book shop interface, and the majority of the books on those topics are about dogs. Therefore, I am dividing that section here, into books on general training, special training issues, and behavior for dogs. Then, there will be a section for cats, and a section for other animals.

Note that I do not promote punishment-based training, or “dominance theory” training in dogs (or any animal). Positive reinforcement training has been proven by all experts on animal behavior as the best way to develop a close relationship with our animals, as well as guiding them to appropriate and desired behavior.

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Clicking with Your Dog” is the answer for all pet owners who want a dog to be a real partner and friend. The author’s step-by-step illustrations explain the clicking process more clearly than ever before. Soon you will truly understand your dog, and, thanks to the clicker, your dog will understand you!”
Clicker Training for Dogs“: A kit that includes book, clicker, and a sample of treats, to help owners get started clicker training with their dogs. The clicker is a fun way to pinpoint the the exact moment behavior your pet performs the behavior you are teaching. It communicates, “Yes, that’s what I wanted!” in a way that animals pick up quickly and truly enjoy. Currently out of print.
Click for Joy!” Melissa C. Alexander, moderator of the online discussion forum ClickerSolutions, collects clear and accurate answers to over one hundred commonly asked questions about clicker training in one essential reference.
How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks” by Dr Ian Dunbar. Voted the #1 BEST BOOK (1999) by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers?the largest and most influential worldwide association of professional pet dog trainers. Fun training with toys, treats, lures, and rewards. Easy, fun-loving, dog-friendly methods for teaching basic manners off-leash, and for temperament modification and behavior problem troubleshooting.
How To Be The Leader Of The Pack” by Patricia McConnell. It’s NOT about “dominance!” Learn how to love your dogs without spoiling them and provide boundaries without intimidation. This concise and affordable pamphlet clarifies how to be a benevolent leader and help your dog learn to be a calm and confident member of the family.Note that this book is out of print, and the Kindle version is the best purchase deal.
Quick Clicks.” Want to know the basics as well as advanced techniques of “clicker training.” This training manual gets you clicking quickly and easily no matter what your experience level. Works for good manners, problem-solving, sports and fun!

Training the Best Dog Ever
, originally published in hardcover as The Love That Dog Training Program, is a book based on love and kindness. It features a program of positive reinforcement and no-fail techniques that author Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz used to train the White House dog, Bo Obama, and each of Senator Ted Kennedy’s dogs, among countless others.