Important Info Before Scheduling


  • I am limiting consultations to E-MAIL SESSIONS, ONLY. An exception will be made for clients who do not have access to email, with the understanding that things can change at very short notice.
  • I am no longer accepting new clients, even with referrals (as of January 1st, 2022).
  • My rates are changing as of November 1st, 2022. See below.

Before scheduling a communication consultation, please read the following information. By scheduling a session with me, you are attesting to the fact that you have read, understand, and agree to the following. I know it’s a bit long, but it’s all important, and I thank you for understanding. Do note, also, that beginning a relationship with me on a falsehood can block my ability to truly connect with your pets. Therefore, please don’t tell me you’ve read the page when you haven’t, or that you understand it if it’s not totally clear. If you need clarification about anything that follows, please ask. Things always work much better if we begin our journey with openness and honesty.


Scheduling Sessions Extra Info What I Don’t Do | Payment Info Hours Agreement

Please DO NOT FACEBOOK PM ME if you need me. Please email or use the contact form on this website. I do not use Messenger daily, and I only check in to FB periodically. Thank you.

What I Do

A Holistic Approach

It is important to note, before scheduling, that I have a “Whole-Life Policy”. I see interspecies communication as one tool among many available to help us with our animals. Through more than four decades of working with many kinds of animals (large and small, wild and tame) in the physical realm, I have kept up with the latest information on training and animal behavior and my background has blessed me with experience in helping animals on many levels. Therefore, in addition to “talking with the critters”, I will often offer training advice (and/or advice to engage training experts), encourage owners to seek veterinary care, provide behavioral information, give suggestions for books and other resources, and much more. I believe that our animal friends are complicated individuals, and working with them necessitates a multi-faceted approach of which animal communication is only one part.

Types of Sessions

Phone: The availability of phone sessions is currently suspended unless the client has no access to email. Even then, my current situation may mean last minute changes.

Email: This is currently the only available method, because it has the benefit that only one of us (me) has to be free at the appointment time. If I am derailed by life in general, I can still fit the session in at my first opportunity without having to put clients through the trouble of rescheduling. You will send me your list of questions or concerns and a photo of your animal(s), and I will schedule the session at my next available time spot. Many clients, especially those at long distances, choose this method for the freedom of not having to have a free spot in their schedule and for the fact that they get a typed transcript of the session. The only drawback is that there is no immediate back-and-forth to adjust the session for clarification. Therefore, I do offer a free brief follow-up to cover anything that the animal has relayed through the original session that is not perfectly clear. Please note that a follow-up is not to ascertain new information, but to clarify information originally relayed.

For more information on how the email sessions work, please read this post.

I do not offer online chat sessions, such as through Skype, Zoom, etc., and do not work through Messenger or Facetime.

Additional Information: Litterbox Issues

If you have a litter box or spraying issue with one or more cats, This Linked PDF File is provided for your benefit before scheduling a consultation. I consider it “required reading,” and encourage owners to put as many of its suggestions into play as possible. It contains helpful information which is very important to understand before an attempt is made to add animal communication to the efforts to solve this problem.

Additional Information: Through Their Eyes, The Nature of the Beast

Through Their Eyes is a book I’ve written that may help you to understand the “problems” you are having with your pets, from their own point of view. It is available on in paperback and Kindle format, and on Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

What I Don’t Do

Talk to Other Peoples’ Pets

If you wish for me to communicate with animals who are not your own, you must have the permission of the legal owner of those animals to schedule a consultation.

Give Veterinary Advice

I am not a licensed animal medical practitioner, and will recommend that you seek out veterinary care on medical issues. While an animal can often tell me “where it hurts”, I am not able to diagnose cause or make treatment recommendations. Animal communication is never a substitute for veterinary care.

Search for Lost Animals

I am unable, due to a potentially serious medical condition, to accept lost pet/missing animal cases. Please Read This PDF File for details before asking me to make an exception. There cannot be any exceptions. Penelope Smith’s Animal Talk website has a directory of other communicators on it, and some may list whether they accept lost animal cases. Note, that this is not a rule I “want” to enforce; my health has given me no choice.

An Added Note: it happens occasionally that people persist in efforts to get around this limitation, and thereby put my health and safety at risk, by using the “I didn’t think it was a missing pet case unless–” approach. I must be firm, as I have at times lost days to cluster seizures due to this kind of emotional confusion. If an animal is missing, it is a missing pet case. Further, if you do not know where the animal is, it is missing. Thank you for understanding.

In addition, please see this post on “Is Your Pet Lost?” It may provide further ideas for you to consider as you search for your pet.

I’m Not a Magic Wand

Animal communication is not magic. I cannot fix problems just by talking to your pets. Although most people understand what I mean by a holistic approach, I do occasionally meet people who expect their problems to go away simply because I’ve spoken to the animal.  I endeavor to help by finding out the animal’s perspective on their issues, and giving advice as to ways the owner can change their care-giving strategies to help solve the problem. Although at times an animal will modify their behavior if they can better understand their human’s point of view, most of the time that does not happen without work and guidance on the part of the owner. A “helpful session” means I have been able to provide insight into how the animal perceives the issues, and make reasonable and time-tested suggestions as to how to use that information to make life better for pet and owner alike.

Payment Information

Payment after the session

I maintain a unique payment policy; I do not require payment up front. I ask that clients wait until after the session, and decide whether the session was helpful at all (see “Magic Wand” above), before sending payment.

The only requirement is that, if you feel the session was not helpful in any way, and does not warrant payment, you must let me know. Unless a client emails, writes, or calls to let me know that payment will not be forthcoming, the client will receive periodic reminders. (If you have told me, at the time of or after our session, that I was in some way helpful, that is your word that payment will be made.)

If the client fails to remit payment, or openly communicate with me as to why payment is not forthcoming, that account will be placed on “pay in advance only” status. This means that the client will not be able to schedule further sessions with me unless payment for those sessions is sent in advance, and then only if the back balance owed is submitted first. (If a client has done this more than once, their account will be placed on “pay in advance only” status permanently.)

No new or follow-up sessions are available unless a client’s account is current.

Current Rates

My current rate is $45 for up to the first half hour and $1.50/minute beyond that.

As of November 1st, 2022, this will change to $50.

For existing clients, I do have a reduced rate for a Three-Pack of pre-paid sessions. This is a non-refundable offer for those who have been satisfied with past consultations. Please email me for more information if you are interested. (Three-pack and holiday special rates will be changing as of November 2022, as well.)

Payment Methods

I accept personal checks, money orders and PayPal. Payment details will be emailed to the client after the session or included at the bottom of the notes of an email consultation..


I occasionally run specials on “Three-Packs” for existing clients. These specials will be announced on the website, in my newsletter, on Facebook and via Twitter in advance.

Rescue Discount

I offer a 20% discount for animals who are legally owned by legitimate rescue organizations. In addition, Salukis owned by STOLA Saluki Rescue are eligible for free consultations during their foster care period, as well as for the first few weeks in their new adoptive homes.

Hours of Operation

I do email sessions from  Monday through Saturday. There are no longer guaranteed or specific time spots. Due to my health, I do the sessions when I am able to. I will almost always be able to do them within a day or three of receiving the email with questions and photos for the session.

I ask for at least a full day’s notice (preferably two or three) to schedule a day.

Sundays are Emergency Only (a true emergency means something that absolutely can not wait a day due to severe health or safety situations), and I still cannot guarantee you’ll find me home.

These Details May Vary depending on my current schedule, my family’s schedule, and any “things that come up”. I will announce on Facebook and Twitter when this page has been updated.

Periods of unavailability will be announced on this website as well as through Twitter and Facebook. My Twitter posts are reflected on this this website.


Whether or not the decision is made to remit payment, the client agrees that Gayle Nastasi and Gazehound’s are not liable in any way for problems which might arise with the pet in question after the fact. The client understands that animal communication is not an exact science, and while all effort is made to interpret what the pet is sharing with accuracy, the communicator may encounter issues which cause errors in interpretation. Since things are being relayed through the animal’s perspective, if the animal does not fully understand something it is experiencing, the communicator may not have a clear picture, either. The client understands the uncertainties involved, and accepts any risks which might arise in following the animal’s indications as relayed through the communicator. The client also agrees to seek veterinary, training, and other professional help for their pet as needed. The client understands that according to Gayle Nastasi’s “Whole-Life Philosophy”, they will receive recommendations regarding many aspects of the animal’s life and many suggestions that may help solve problems as well as the experience of information exchange with their animal companions.

Please do not schedule a session unless you understand and are willing to abide by this agreement. Thank you.