ACCAW (Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare)

ACCAW Group Image by Carole Devereux

ACCAW, the Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare, was begun by Penelope Smith in 2005, to give people who communicate with animals a way to help individuals, groups, and the entire earth, to achieve balance, healing, connection, and overall wellness. Clicking any of the links or images on this page will take you to the main ACCAW page on Penelope’s website, where you can read more about the group, including membership requirements, and follow many of the prayerful situations the coalition is supporting.

ACCAW Vision and Purpose
Participation in ACCAW (Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare) is open for all people who are communicating with animals intentionally in their lives, not only professionally. Our aim as a not-for-profit coalition is to focus our individual and collective power in united intention to increase communication, balance, compassion, understanding, and communion among all beings.

We work together on projects of concern to us that affect animals and the animal/human connection, covering all levels from the highest spiritual overview and prayer/focused intention to physical action. As individuals we can each focus our energy on the aspect that most draws us and our talents. However, all our concerns from animal rescue in all its forms to overall consciousness of unity of life can be addressed as a communion of beings (animal communicators) who are aware of and educate others regarding interspecies communication.

Any member or non-member can offer suggestions for projects and healing requests for our group. In all our projects, we focus on the wholeness of animals (non-human and human alike), honoring the spirit and life of all beings as One. 

The acronym for the Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare (ACCAW) sounds like the call of crows and ravens, who pass messages all over the world as broadcasters in the network of avian communication. It also sounds a bit like “echo,” which is what we are doing all over the world as we unite ─ echoing our good and powerful intentions for the welfare of all beings. [ more information ]

Flower Mandala Image by Carole Devereux