Creature Thoughts, Nov. 2017: Rescue Pets

It’s become a badge of honor to say, “All my pets are rescues,” or “I have a rescue dog/cat,” rather than “I have a dog/cat.” In a lot of ways, of course, that’s a good thing; there are many animals out there in need of homes. It is kind and generous that people open up their hearts and families to these beings in need. I applaud those who rescue animals. I have a few “rescue pets” walking—and flying—around here, myself.

However, I also see problems with this trend that people might not, generally, think about. Many of the behavioral and health issues I help people deal with every day exist, at least in large part, because the pet was a rescue.

Creature Thoughts, Oct. 2017: The Species Agreement

When a spirit chooses to incarnate, it picks the species of choice for a reason. Whether we walk the earth as humans, or dogs, cats, birds, or insects, for some reason (which we must assume is a very good one), our spirits have chosen that form.

Once the form is chosen, we have entered into an agreement with that species. By inhabiting that body, we have taken on all of its blessings, and all of its challenges. Those blessings and challenges include everything which makes that species unique, including instincts, genetic behavior patterns, and physical attributes and problems.