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Creature Thoughts, January 2016

A New Year, New Home, New Everything

Ryder-Monkey-500hI think our new family member, Ryder, would agree with me that the last half of 2015 was hard. Ryder had a special person. She was (and I know she shall always be) his heart-human. He was born into her hands and walked by her side for eight years. He traveled with her all over two countries, achieving championships in both, and enjoying a show career that celebrated mutiple Best In Specialty wins and awards. He rejoiced with her, celebrated with her, laughed and danced and played with her. And then, he watched her grow ill, and fight. Oh, how she fought, with a determination that inspired and amazed. He tried to comfort his mum, he lent her strength, he was very much Lin’s “Kai” in so many ways.

Then, he watched as she declined, and he still comforted, consoled, kept her warm and safe.

Suddenly, all that changed. She went into hospital in the middle of December, and did not come home again. He lost his familiar home, his hound companions, the friends who helped and cared for him and his Mum. He lost the special person to whom he had wholly given his heart.

Ryder is doing very well. When I think of all he has been through, all that has changed in his world — indeed, the entire world he knew for eight years is gone — I am quite amazed at just how well he’s adjusting. He is brave, accepting, and sweet-natured. He is determined to enjoy cuddles and play. He is bonding with our family in such an open-hearted and trusting way. He is a true delight and blessing. Yet, I still see the sadness, in quiet moments, that shines deep within the windows to his soul. I note the whimpers that come from the depths of the dreamtime as he sleeps. I ache when he cries because one of our family members has left the house. Ryder has learned, very like our Missie-cat, that sometimes when your humans go out the door, they do not come back in again.

I can’t imagine being a mature dog (or cat, or bird, or….) and suddenly having everything I have ever known and loved in life simply vanish. I know that many of you have been through similar situations. You have adopted animals who, for one reason or other, had their worlds turned upside down. Some had families who had to move and couldn’t take the pets. Others got lost themselves, and never found again. Others, like Ryder, were grieving for the loss of their owners to age or illness. Ryder’s presence in our home, and in my heart, have given me a greater appreciation of what I’ve attempted to help so many of you through.

How courageous these dear beings are. It is truly an honor to be chosen to provide the comfort and love the animals need to once again trust that their world, this new world, is a safe one.

(Photo: Ryder and his monkey.)


News and Updates:

Please take a look at my Important Info Page for the changes that have taken place as of January 1st. My rates have gone up to $45 for the base rate, and there are some minor changes in the way billing will be handled, etc. It’s all spelled out on the website, for your convenience.

Holiday Special Is Over:

Thank you to everyone who took part in the holiday special this year.

Happy New Year,

Ryder Joins The Family (& an update)

First, the mundane: As of 12/26/15, all “normal” operations will resume, with one minor exception. New clients will still have to be referred by a current client whose account is up to date (I must be able to verify this referral). Other than that, I am able to pretty much function as normal (well, as normal as I’ve ever been, anyway).

As of January 1st, my rates will be changing. The base rate will be $45/half hour minimum, and the per-minute rate will then be $1.50.

In addition, my resolution here on in is to be much more diligent about billing past accounts, and firm (this means rock-solid) on my policy to place overdue accounts on “pre-pay only status”. This information is reflected on my Important Info Page. Please read it before scheduling an appointment, thank you.

Now For The Interesting News

Ryder121715-5Through sorrow comes peace. I have had another painful and heart-breaking loss in my life. On December 13th, my dear friend, Lin, passed away. Lin battled a horrific cancer for three years, never giving in to it. Eventually, however, her body grew frail and could no longer contain her strong spirit. I will miss her presence in my life terribly. Lin was a force of good for so many. She was always the first person to step up to the plate when anyone (dog or human) in the Saluki community had a need. Lin and I worked on many charity auctions together, strove together to raise support for Saluki health research, and were part of the initial discussion committee which led to the formation of STOLA — the Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc (our breed’s national rescue group).

I was asked if I would bring her 8 year old Saluki, Ryder, into my home and family. Of course, I was honored and blessed to do so. On Wednesday the 16th, Joe and I drove halfway to Ontario to meet friends Janice and Sandy (Lin’s sister in law, who flew all the way from Wales to Ontario to care for her and the dogs), who were taking the east-bound run to deliver Ryder to us.

He is doing well, though it’s very obvious that he misses his mum. I miss her, too. We’ll be okay, we are bonding and sharing and supporting one another.

I have lost the dog of my heart. Ryder has lost his heart-human and the only mum he has ever known. Two lost souls are come together, to help one another to heal. I have no doubt that our angels, Lin and Kai, have arranged this journey for us.

Welcome, Ryder, good boy. You are loved.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016.