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Some Temporary Changes

I’m facing a possibly serious (okay, I guess it is serious, but  something that I hope to get under control quickly, so I can get back to normal again. Normal for me, anyway) health situation that will mean some temporary changes.

The first is that, for the time being, I won’t be accepting any new clients. Existing clients are still welcome to contact me for sessions. However, I am going to be in and out of availability, sometimes on short notice, and also will not be able to schedule as many sessions as I used to even when I am here. Email is strongly preferred, due to the fact that I have periods where even talking for a half-hour can leave me out of breath and stressed. (I’m hoping the new medication regime will help with that shortly.)

The details in a nutshell

On November 17th, I had a pain attack that began behind my right shoulder and spread across my chest. I have been short of breath for quite some time now, very tired, no energy, feeling flutters and pressure in my chest, and have been chalking it all up to grief and depression. It appears I was wrong.

Since then, it’s been: a trip to the ER, numerous tests, a nuclear stress test (which I failed), a visit with my (new) cardiologist, heart and cholesterol medication….

The pain turned out to be angina.

On December 20th, I am due to go through a cardiac catheterization. If they just need to explore, I will be home that night. If they need to insert a stent (or stents) or otherwise perform procedures to fix the issue, it will be a sleep-over. Blockages have been discovered, but until this test is done, they will not know where or to what extent.

However, we will know much more after that day, and once that corner is turned, I’ll be looking down the road to recovery, and to getting some of my old stamina and sense of well-being back.

Thank you for your patience as I turn down the volume a bit for a little while. I hope to be able to gradually return to more normal levels very soon.

We here at “Starling’s Nest” (meaning the whole Nastasi multi-species tribe) wish you all a joyous holiday season, and a happy and healthy 2017!

Happy Holidays
           Ryder says: Can you guess which stocking is mine?

Ryder Joins The Family (& an update)

First, the mundane: As of 12/26/15, all “normal” operations will resume, with one minor exception. New clients will still have to be referred by a current client whose account is up to date (I must be able to verify this referral). Other than that, I am able to pretty much function as normal (well, as normal as I’ve ever been, anyway).

As of January 1st, my rates will be changing. The base rate will be $45/half hour minimum, and the per-minute rate will then be $1.50.

In addition, my resolution here on in is to be much more diligent about billing past accounts, and firm (this means rock-solid) on my policy to place overdue accounts on “pre-pay only status”. This information is reflected on my Important Info Page. Please read it before scheduling an appointment, thank you.

Now For The Interesting News

Ryder121715-5Through sorrow comes peace. I have had another painful and heart-breaking loss in my life. On December 13th, my dear friend, Lin, passed away. Lin battled a horrific cancer for three years, never giving in to it. Eventually, however, her body grew frail and could no longer contain her strong spirit. I will miss her presence in my life terribly. Lin was a force of good for so many. She was always the first person to step up to the plate when anyone (dog or human) in the Saluki community had a need. Lin and I worked on many charity auctions together, strove together to raise support for Saluki health research, and were part of the initial discussion committee which led to the formation of STOLA — the Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc (our breed’s national rescue group).

I was asked if I would bring her 8 year old Saluki, Ryder, into my home and family. Of course, I was honored and blessed to do so. On Wednesday the 16th, Joe and I drove halfway to Ontario to meet friends Janice and Sandy (Lin’s sister in law, who flew all the way from Wales to Ontario to care for her and the dogs), who were taking the east-bound run to deliver Ryder to us.

He is doing well, though it’s very obvious that he misses his mum. I miss her, too. We’ll be okay, we are bonding and sharing and supporting one another.

I have lost the dog of my heart. Ryder has lost his heart-human and the only mum he has ever known. Two lost souls are come together, to help one another to heal. I have no doubt that our angels, Lin and Kai, have arranged this journey for us.

Welcome, Ryder, good boy. You are loved.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016.