In Lieu Of Creature Thoughts, Sept 2015

A brief update

1-Kai13thBday (13).CR2Much has happened in August, since the last issue of Creature Thoughts. Kai the Saluki had a critical health issue. While I was trying to help him, I fractured a vertebra. We are both still trying to recover. Then, we lost our dear little French Fry sparrow very suddenly.

There are now health complications and issues going on that are going to mean my availability will be very sporadic, and appointments, until further notice, will be subject to last minute changes. Today (August 31st) and tomorrow (Sept 1st), I will definitely be unavailable. From here on in, e-mail sessions are strongly preferred (perhaps even mandatory) as they can be rescheduled and moved around as necessary. I know this is a great inconvenience to many of you, but life has handed me a priority that must take precedence above all others.

Please think kind thoughts for our family, that the issues we are now facing have the best possible outcome. I thank you for holding us in positive images of good health and prosperity for all, animal and human. I may be posting updates with more specific details as time goes on, and as the many uncertainties I am facing are resolved.

I wish you all well, and hope the Autumn brings beauty, peace and joy into your lives.



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