A Brief Update, and a Thank You

A Brief Update, and a Thank You

Kai at 13

When Kai was diagnosed, the specialists indicated strongly that he would have “a couple of weeks”. Although he declines steadily, that decline is less rapid than predicted, and he has now doubled that prognosis. My life is about nothing but his care, and (although I have tried), he is still the only animal whose thoughts and emotions I can connect with. Even my own other pets are wondering when Mommy will return in full (I’m only able to pick up the most brief impressions, even from those who share my home), though they are being loving, patient, and understanding. We all are very aware of, and focused on, Kai’s needs.

I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, and all the support we have been shown. I feel truly awful that I’m not here for you, but also very grateful that everyone seems to understand. Thank you, too, to those kind souls who have sent the donations that covered Kai’s large veterinary bill, as well as those who have sent gifts to try and tide our family over while I have no income. I cannot express how this has touched all our hearts — every time I try, I wind up flooded with grateful tears.

I have received a few requests for sessions from people who are not keeping up with the news, and also inquiries as to when I think I will return. To the latter, I have to say, “I don’t know.” Life is, quite literally, being tackled one breath at a time right now. Those breaths are Kai’s. Some days he struggles to draw them, others he breathes freely. He is leading the orchestra right now.

I will let folks know when the song changes.

Thank you again, and please accept all my love and blessings,

–Gayle and KaiGuy