A New Year

Happy New Year to all!

This is just a brief note to let everyone know that some changes have taken effect.

My rates have gone up a bit, to $45 for the base half-hour rate, with $1.50/minute beyond that. Other prices, such as the pre-paid pack special (see the Important Info page for details) will change accordingly.

I am going to diligently try to be more more proactive about billing, and about notifying past-due accounts. In addition, there will be no more exceptions to these guidelines … or, to be grammatically accurate, the guidelines have now become rules. Again, the details are on the above linked page.

New clients must be referred to me by an existing client whose account is in good standing. This may or may not be a permanent restriction; I haven’t quite decided yet.

I wish everyone a wonder-filled 2016. May we all keep Peace in our visions, and Love in our hearts.