Creature Thoughts, February 2016

This Little Piggy

Ryder and his Monkey

First, please accept my apologies that the February issue of Creature Thoughts is late. There has been a lot going on, most of which has very little relevance to Creature Thoughts.

One thing that is relevant, however, is the arrival of our newest family members. Meet Pierce and Bronny, two lovely guinea pig boys who came home to stay at the end of January. Pierce is a 2 year old Teddy (recently retired from the show ring), and Bronny a baby Coronet (born on New Year’s Day). Teddies and Coronets are two of the thirteen breeds of guinea pig (also known as cavies).

I have such fond memories of the guinea pigs who whistled and purred their way through my teen and young-adult years. My high-school friends and I had a number of piggies (mostly of the Peruvian and Abysynnian breeds). I remember walking through the Walter Panas High hallways with a baby cavy or two hidden in my sleeves. I always wore a flannel overshirt just for that purpose (and I’m sure that caused my fellow students to wonder about my less than sellar fashion sense).

With all of the loss over the last year, the thought of having these sweet beings back in my world brought comfort. Indeed, now that they are here, I suspect that my guides and guardian angels were nudging me toward a source of much-needed smiles.

Those who aren’t familiar with cavies might be surprised at how very different these two boys are — not just in looks, though that is also obvious. Bronny’s coat will grow as he does; Coronets are a long-haired breed. Pierce’s Teddy coat is coarse and scratchy, and so much fun to pet. Their personalities are very different, too, though some of that is because Bronny is a bouncy, lively. mischievous baby. Pierce is laid back, easy-going, and such a marvelous “uncle” to the little guy. The two are closely bonded already, and can always be found snuggled together (when they’re not eating, that is).

Thanks in large part to Ryder, who brings me comfort every day, and these two delightful little souls, I am finally taking baby-steps on my healing journey. Kai’s spirit surrounds me continually, letting me know he will always be by my side. I miss him every moment of the day, but the missing is gentler now, the tears less devastating.

With gratitude to the angels who watch over me: precious souls here and beyond who bless my journey. My friends of all species, and my precious family, are heaven-sent healers. Special thanks also go to my new friend, Penny, who made it possible for Bronny and Pierce to join our family. And thanks to all of you for your patience and good wishes — you and your animal friends are a true blessing in my life.

News and Updates:

Please take a look at my Important Info Page for the changes that have taken place as of January 1st. My rates have gone up to $45 for the base rate, and there are some minor changes in the way billing will be handled, etc. It’s all spelled out on the website, for your convenience.