Creature Thoughts, August 2016


HoldPawSmWe humans talk a lot about love. It’s a key subject in our lives. We write books about it, we film movies about it. The vast majority of the music written in the world revolves around this favorite topic of our hearts. Yes, we are so, so good at talking about love.

When it comes to putting actions to those words, we don’t score so high on the charts. The world is in such turmoil right now. Anger, discord, bigotry, hatred fill our headlines and our news-feeds. As we look around at one another, at the world situation today, the human race doesn’t appear to be very loving … or very lovable.

Yet, when in the presence of our animal companions, we know that we (such unlovable people) are all loved by someone. Our dogs watch us adoringly, and follow at our heels, regardless of how we speak or what we believe. Our cats cuddle up in our laps, even though our skin may be light, dark, or in-between. Our birds sit on our shoulders, our horses nicker happy greetings, and our guinea pigs wheek wheek wheek when we approach the cage.

They love us regardless of who we are. They love us even though we are far from perfect. They hold no expectations, they make no judgments. They are an island of unconditional love in a hostile sea.

Or perhaps it’s not so much that they love us despite ourselves. Perhaps they simply have more faith in our hearts’ potential than we do.

This is far from a perfect world. We will not, in my lifetime, see an end to the many conflicts and prejudices which have scarred the human race for millennia. I doubt that the generations of our children, and our grandchildren, will know a future of open acceptance, either.

For now, for today, we can gaze into the eyes of our animals and know that, whoever, whatever, and wherever we are … someone loves us. Someone sees the loving soul inside, and knows we are worthy.

And perhaps, just perhaps, we can strive to be more like them.

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