Update, Good News

For those who don’t follow me on Facebook, I’ll post the good news here, as well.

I had the cardiac catheterization yesterday, December 20th, and it happily ruled out coronary artery disease. In fact, the cath lab nurse told me I have the arteries of a twelve year old. So, though we’re no closer to the reason for my symptoms, we now know something else to rule out, and it’s a big, scary something.

The procedure itself went smoothly. They were able to go in through my right wrist, and had no problems. The only issues were my blood pressure, which didn’t want to come back up to normal, and nausea on the long ride home (and for a good part of the evening).

I’m wearing a pressure bandage, the first layer of which comes off this afternoon, and the rest tomorrow. I have to restrict use of the hand for a while, but that’s an easy price tag for such good news.

A pretty good Christmas present, don’t you think?

I will gradually be getting back to work (although typing is awkward), though between this situation and the holidays, probably on a limited basis.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending their good wishes and healing thoughts.

Joyous Yuletide to all.

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