Some little changes

For some time now, I’ve been led to try and spend more time and effort on my writing. Although life tosses stumbling blocks in my path, that is where my focus is gradually shifting.

I’ll still be around for my animal friends, of course, but will simply be dividing my time more equally between my two main occupations. I love to make words, as you all know, and wish to return to my fiction writing, as well as commercial writing (aka: the kind that pays the bills).

To take a step in that direction, I’m going to be separating out my writing from the website, and moving to a second site that will give it more of a central focus. I’ll leave what is here, of course, and try to keep links, etc, up to date, but updates about my writing life, and writing-business information, will live there.

The address will be (note, the domain is registered and working, but may take up to 72 hours for the name servers to fully parse the information across the web).

I’m excited about this shift in my path (well, it’s not really a shift, I’m just moving up the middle a bit more, rather than leaning in one direction).  I hope you’ll pay me a visit, and learn more about my Writing Life.