Yes, I’m Here

I’ve had a couple of people ask, since discovering that my old nemesis Pyoderma Gangrenosum is back to eating my leg, if I’m still doing sessions.

I just wanted to post publicly that the answer is “yes.” I may have to juggle things a bit, but I am able to do consultations almost as normally as I have been for the last six months. I’ve been working around how Ryder is doing anyway; I just have to add my own situation into the mix.

If I’m going to be away (such as doctor’s appointments), I will post in the Unavailable Times page. The first, as far as I know, of those days will be February 8th, tentatively. I’m on a wait list for an earlier appointment, so that might change. My Twitter or Facebook notifications, and the Unavailable Times page, will keep people updated.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story or situation (as in “what the heck is she talking about?”), I posted about it on my website a few days ago.

Thanks for your patience, as well as your concern. The notes from friends wishing me well, and the positive thoughts and good energy you’re sending, have been a true blessing.