Nov ’21 Creature Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving

My family and I (non-human members included) would like to wish all of our friends who will be celebrating a very Happy Thanksgiving. For those not in the US, we hope you have a joyful and safe entrance into the Holiday Season.

This will be a short, newsy, issue, rather than an informational one.

There will be an important change as of January 1st, 2022. I will no longer be taking new clients, not even with a referral.

I’ve mentioned (often enough to have gotten either boring or annoying, I’m sure) that I’m dealing with chronic Lyme Disease. The spirochetes are affecting me neurologically as well as physically. I’m on an excellent herbal protocol that is helping a lot with the physical aspects. I’m feeling better, losing weight, can get around easily, have more energy, and am accomplishing life again. My brain, however, hasn’t gotten there yet. Doing communication sessions, though still a great love of mine, has been taking a toll. I am hoping that the herbs will eventually reach those nether regions and begin to help, but until that happens, I’m having to reduce the strain. It is, naturally, easier for me to make connections with animals I already know, and who belong to people who already trust me well enough to return to the fold.

For the same reason, I’m having to limit the number of sessions I can accomplish in a day to one or two. I’m hoping that you can be patient, therefore, if there is a slightly longer wait for a reading. Please be sure to contact me in advance of your need if at all possible, so I can fit you in as soon as I can.

In happier news, my annual Holiday Special will begin on Thanksgiving Day (November 25th, which is next Thursday). The special price will be the same as always ($112 USD) for 3 pre-paid sessions. Feel free to email me if you would like more information.

We wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season from all of us here at “Starlings Nest.”

–Gayle, Joe, Jess, Devon,
Kira, Missie, Kestrel, Star,
Stripes, Whistle, Jingle, Tidbit
and the fishies!

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