Stepping Toward Normal….

Or, I should say, “normal for me”, shouldn’t I?

20161110_droid_0114I am back to work, back to a semi-usual schedule (though still limiting the number of sessions I can do per day according to how I’m feeling). I am again taking limited phone consultations (no more than one per day), though my preference is still for email. I am also, as of now, going to start taking new clients–by referral only.  Thus, new clients must, as has been the case for some time now, be referred by a client in good standing, and must give me the name of that person on requesting a session.

As always, “watch this space”, and the space to the right, where my Twitter posts appear, for any last minute changes or scheduled times when I will be out of the office.

My health is improving. I had a clean catheterization, as noted before, and have seen my cardiologist for the final follow-up. He has released me on a “call if you have any problems” basis. I am following the diet and lifestyle plans of Dr Dean Ornish, the well-known health consultant to several White House administrations. He has done extensive scientific research into how diet and lifestyle can improve health (including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prostate cancer, and even lengthen telemeres — the ends of our DNA which shorten as we age) for nearly 40 years, and his findings have been duplicated by independent studies by various health organizations, including Medicare itself.

So, gradually but steadily, I am doing better. Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding, and for the many messages of support I have received over the last few months.

Again, bullet points as to the current status of sessions are:

  • New clients must be referred by a client in good standing (meaning someone who has had a session with me within the past several years and whose account is up to date in regards to payment), and must let me know on contacting me who referred them.
  • I am again taking a more normal load of sessions, though still somewhat limited by how I’m feeling on that particular day.
  • I am again booking phone consultations, though on a limited basis.
  • I will, as always, post on Facebook and Twitter, and here on the “Unavailable Times” page, if there are any changes.

May your coming year be filled with love, peace, health, and kindness.



Update, Good News

For those who don’t follow me on Facebook, I’ll post the good news here, as well.

I had the cardiac catheterization yesterday, December 20th, and it happily ruled out coronary artery disease. In fact, the cath lab nurse told me I have the arteries of a twelve year old. So, though we’re no closer to the reason for my symptoms, we now know something else to rule out, and it’s a big, scary something.

The procedure itself went smoothly. They were able to go in through my right wrist, and had no problems. The only issues were my blood pressure, which didn’t want to come back up to normal, and nausea on the long ride home (and for a good part of the evening).

I’m wearing a pressure bandage, the first layer of which comes off this afternoon, and the rest tomorrow. I have to restrict use of the hand for a while, but that’s an easy price tag for such good news.

A pretty good Christmas present, don’t you think?

I will gradually be getting back to work (although typing is awkward), though between this situation and the holidays, probably on a limited basis.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending their good wishes and healing thoughts.

Joyous Yuletide to all.

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Some Temporary Changes

I’m facing a possibly serious (okay, I guess it is serious, but  something that I hope to get under control quickly, so I can get back to normal again. Normal for me, anyway) health situation that will mean some temporary changes.

The first is that, for the time being, I won’t be accepting any new clients. Existing clients are still welcome to contact me for sessions. However, I am going to be in and out of availability, sometimes on short notice, and also will not be able to schedule as many sessions as I used to even when I am here. Email is strongly preferred, due to the fact that I have periods where even talking for a half-hour can leave me out of breath and stressed. (I’m hoping the new medication regime will help with that shortly.)

The details in a nutshell

On November 17th, I had a pain attack that began behind my right shoulder and spread across my chest. I have been short of breath for quite some time now, very tired, no energy, feeling flutters and pressure in my chest, and have been chalking it all up to grief and depression. It appears I was wrong.

Since then, it’s been: a trip to the ER, numerous tests, a nuclear stress test (which I failed), a visit with my (new) cardiologist, heart and cholesterol medication….

The pain turned out to be angina.

On December 20th, I am due to go through a cardiac catheterization. If they just need to explore, I will be home that night. If they need to insert a stent (or stents) or otherwise perform procedures to fix the issue, it will be a sleep-over. Blockages have been discovered, but until this test is done, they will not know where or to what extent.

However, we will know much more after that day, and once that corner is turned, I’ll be looking down the road to recovery, and to getting some of my old stamina and sense of well-being back.

Thank you for your patience as I turn down the volume a bit for a little while. I hope to be able to gradually return to more normal levels very soon.

We here at “Starling’s Nest” (meaning the whole Nastasi multi-species tribe) wish you all a joyous holiday season, and a happy and healthy 2017!

Happy Holidays
           Ryder says: Can you guess which stocking is mine?

Gayle Nastasi, animal consultant and author