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September 11th, 15 Years On

I will not dishonor their memory

By forgetting the true cause
Those souls sacrificed
To hatred embraced by angry hearts

I will not dishonor their memory
By forgetting the chance we were given
To come together, to hold one another
To be a nation united, by grief
By Love

I will not dishonor their memory
By allowing hate and di-vision
To sway my Vision
The Vision of our forefathers
Of the true American Dream

The Dream was never
Money or material things
The Dream was about Truths self-evident
Self-evident to all eyes
All eyes that are not closed
That all men
All Men
All Mankind
Regardless of color, nationality,
Race, gender, orientation,
Or what name by which they love God
Are Created Equal

Those who hate forget these Truths
Or perhaps they never understood at all
That it was hatred and division which gave us
This memory we must not dishonor

I will not dishonor their memory
By hating

Those swayed by hatred and division
Those who have stumbled onto the path
Of an Eye for an Eye
Of Shoot First
Of Get Them Before They Get Us
They have forgotten the Law
The basic Law of physics
And chemistry and biology
And every other science
Every other truth

You cannot cancel out a negative with a negative

Only love can conquer hate
It is the first law of the universe
The energy which fuels
The self-evident Truth
The Dream

To heal this world
To step toward peace
To be one again
To make sure
They did not die in vain
We must remember Love

Hatred must stop

I will honor the memory
Of those souls, on that day
By letting it stop
With me

-Gayle Nastasi, 11 Sept 2016-

Soul Anchors (from Creature Thoughts, Sept 2014)


We love them all, our animal companions of every species. Of course we do. Each one is unique, special. Each has his or her own joys and frustrations, shared so willingly with us, their human friends.

There are some, though, who seem to reach a different level of “special”. We call them heart-dogs, or soul-companions or perfect-partners. They are the ones who, when we look into their eyes, we know they simply understand. We are certain that understanding reaches the depth and height of their soul…because we can feel it to the depths and heights of our own.

They are the “once in a lifetime” pets, the ones who stand out like novas among the stars. How many of us can tell the story of “that special dog” or “that special cat” or “that special horse” who lives on in the heart in ways to which none other can compare? As much as we have loved all who have come before or since, they “weren’t quite the same” as the special one.

Some of us have been doubly or even triply blessed to have celebrated that kind of bond with more than one, but even then, each of those special companions is different from the others. Although they each have touched us as special teachers, partners and companions, they have each touched us in different places, in different ways.

I think of these special ones as soul-anchors. They keep us firm, hold us steady, and their support and presence allows us to weather life’s storms. They are the beings who teach us the importance of being a part of all that is. They have shown us that we are not alone in the Universe, but we have the privilege to celebrate a special joining, one that keeps us safe. They have demonstrated beyond all doubt that this joining knows no barriers of species or time. Then, when they pass from the physical realm, they give us faith that there are more realms waiting. Though the physical body may die, the spirit lives on. Our soul-anchor still holds us firmly, for we never cease to feel their love.

Many of us would say that our soul-anchor animal friends have seen us through some of the hardest times of our lives. They offer shelter through pain, fear and deep depression. They bring us comfort and so very many reasons to laugh, even on our darkest days. They keep our spirit’s ship secure when the waters get choppy and the skies turn black. They are the sunshine that breaks through the clouds to remind us that all will be well again.

Almost everyone I know who has loved animals, or at least those people with enough years behind them to have relished in the experience, can tell the story of at least one soul-anchor.

Who are your special ones? Have you known more than one? Are they still with you in the physical? Or are they now forever with you in the beyond?

Reach out to them today, and give them each a soul-deep hug from me.

Creature Thoughts, August 2016


HoldPawSmWe humans talk a lot about love. It’s a key subject in our lives. We write books about it, we film movies about it. The vast majority of the music written in the world revolves around this favorite topic of our hearts. Yes, we are so, so good at talking about love.

When it comes to putting actions to those words, we don’t score so high on the charts. The world is in such turmoil right now. Anger, discord, bigotry, hatred fill our headlines and our news-feeds. As we look around at one another, at the world situation today, the human race doesn’t appear to be very loving … or very lovable.

Yet, when in the presence of our animal companions, we know that we (such unlovable people) are all loved by someone. Our dogs watch us adoringly, and follow at our heels, regardless of how we speak or what we believe. Our cats cuddle up in our laps, even though our skin may be light, dark, or in-between. Our birds sit on our shoulders, our horses nicker happy greetings, and our guinea pigs wheek wheek wheek when we approach the cage.

They love us regardless of who we are. They love us even though we are far from perfect. They hold no expectations, they make no judgments. They are an island of unconditional love in a hostile sea.

Or perhaps it’s not so much that they love us despite ourselves. Perhaps they simply have more faith in our hearts’ potential than we do.

This is far from a perfect world. We will not, in my lifetime, see an end to the many conflicts and prejudices which have scarred the human race for millennia. I doubt that the generations of our children, and our grandchildren, will know a future of open acceptance, either.

For now, for today, we can gaze into the eyes of our animals and know that, whoever, whatever, and wherever we are … someone loves us. Someone sees the loving soul inside, and knows we are worthy.

And perhaps, just perhaps, we can strive to be more like them.

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