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April Update

Sleepy Ryder, thinking of all the friends who love him.
Sleepy Ryder, thinking of all the friends who love him.

I have had a few people email recently to ask if I’m still living on planet Earth. My apologies for not having sent out a Creature Thoughts in a while, and for the website/blog having been so quiet. Life in general has been keeping me on the sidelines — or perhaps it has pushed what used to be life in general to the sidelines. Either way works.

I’m once again dealing with a health issue in a beloved pet. Ryder is going through vet visits and tests to confirm what we hope is an easily-remedied problem. So far, that looks promising, but there are a lot of details that need to be tended to in order to rule out anything serious. The good thing is that he seems to feel well, is eating, happy, playing, and content.

Once again, as with Kai, friends from various walks of life, including the wonderfully supportive Saluki community, have come together with support (both financial and emotional). We will get through this. My gratitude is overwhelming.

In the meantime, my own health has taken a bit of a turn that is having to be checked out. It is one of those “it’s probably nothing” things that, as with Ryder, simply needs the “not quite so nothing” possibilities ruled out. But, it means doctor appointments for me, as well.

At the moment, therefore, my schedule is very much up in the air. As a result, I would like to request that everyone consider e-mail, rather than live, appointments if at all possible. E-mail, I can fit in whenever I have downtime between vet and doctor visits. I’ve had to reschedule too many phone appointments at the last minute lately, and that is not fair to my clients and their animal family members.

Thank you for understanding. I hope things will settle down soon, so I can get back to sending out real Creature Thoughts newsletters. Again, I apologize for the long lapse!


(New clients still require referral from an existing client whose account is in good standing. Thank you for understanding.)

A Limited Return


Although still buried deep in grief, I realize I must at least try to take a few steps back into the world of the living. Thus, I have been tentatively reaching out (with their humans’ permission) to animals I know well, and find that I have been once again able to connect with them. The connections began shakily, but are solidifying, and I find that I’m moving more towards “normal”.

I intend to continue to gently stretch this ability for the upcoming week (week of October 11th through 17th) with the hopes of returning in some capacity. I am still taking life one day at a time, so I ask for your patience as I progress toward full efforts again.

I hope to be able to start accepting consultation appointments again the weekend of October 17th. However, these will be very limited at first, with the following necessary restrictions:

  • Absolutely no new clients for a while. I will only accept appointments with clients whose animals I have already spoken to within the last year or two, or whom otherwise I know fairly well.
  • Only clients whose accounts are up to date will be eligible. Delinquent accounts are on hold until all past payments are caught up.
  • No phone or IM (live) sessions; for a while I will be doing email-only. I am very sorry, as I know this will be inconvenient to some, but I am completely unable to speak to anyone at all without breaking down.

As things progress, I will announce any changes to the above.

Also, just as advanced notice, there will be a number of changes in 2016 in regards to rates and how the sessions are done. I will release more information as the year’s end approaches.