A Limited Return


Although still buried deep in grief, I realize I must at least try to take a few steps back into the world of the living. Thus, I have been tentatively reaching out (with their humans’ permission) to animals I know well, and find that I have been once again able to connect with them. The connections began shakily, but are solidifying, and I find that I’m moving more towards “normal”.

I intend to continue to gently stretch this ability for the upcoming week (week of October 11th through 17th) with the hopes of returning in some capacity. I am still taking life one day at a time, so I ask for your patience as I progress toward full efforts again.

I hope to be able to start accepting consultation appointments again the weekend of October 17th. However, these will be very limited at first, with the following necessary restrictions:

  • Absolutely no new clients for a while. I will only accept appointments with clients whose animals I have already spoken to within the last year or two, or whom otherwise I know fairly well.
  • Only clients whose accounts are up to date will be eligible. Delinquent accounts are on hold until all past payments are caught up.
  • No phone or IM (live) sessions; for a while I will be doing email-only. I am very sorry, as I know this will be inconvenient to some, but I am completely unable to speak to anyone at all without breaking down.

As things progress, I will announce any changes to the above.

Also, just as advanced notice, there will be a number of changes in 2016 in regards to rates and how the sessions are done. I will release more information as the year’s end approaches.