Creature Thoughts, November, 2015

Please see the update posted 11/24/15


Dear Friends,

I am sorry that there has not been a “real” Creature Thoughts in some time.

People ask when things will return to “normal”. Right now, my answer alternates between “I don’t know”, and “maybe never”.

I am still unable to speak on the phone, and I am sincerely sorry that I am not yet ready to schedule live consultations. I hope everyone will be patient, as I have no answer to the question of “when”. Those who have always preferred live/voice sessions will either have to be patiently understanding, accept e-mail for now … or find someone else to help them.

Also, I am currently unable to accept new clients, and am going to have to remain very firm on the rule that accounts must be current to schedule a session.

Upcoming Changes:

As mentioned briefly last month, there will be some changes in 2016. Some are definite, others tentative.

As of January 1st, my rates will change slightly, from $42 for the base half-hour rate to $45.

Whatever other changes are decided upon will be posted on the website once the decisions are made.


I have been asked several times if I will be offering the holiday package this year. Yes, there will be a special. The discounted price will be $110.00 for a three-pack of pre-paid sessions; all current restrictions will apply for as long as they are necessary. The offer will begin November 27th (the day after U.S. Thanksgiving) and run until January 1st, 2016. If you are interested, feel free to send me an email, and I will reply with payment instructions. Other than the temporary limitations, all of the usual details of the pre-paid sessions remain the same as in past years.

I do hope everyone has a nice holiday season, however you choose to celebrate. My best loving thoughts to you and your animal friends, always.

Thank you, also, to all who have been so kind and supportive through what has been, and continues to be, a very difficult time. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than I can ever say.