Creature Thoughts, July/Aug 2017

Creating Love

I have written two other articles for this issue. I liked the content but they just didn’t feel right. I’ve even posted on Facebook about how creativity has deserted me. I think I know, now, why my animal communication newsletter isn’t coming together. It’s because there is something else, though related, on my heart.

I say “related,” because all things are connected. Everything is energy, vibrating at different levels. Some energies manifest in the physical, others remain higher, invisible until and unless they are brought into tangible form. The energies, the vibrations, that are shaking the planet in this day and time affect all life, all substance, all of the manifestations of Source which make up our world. So, yes, it’s affecting the animals, too.

Many years ago now, a lifetime ago, in a far off land called Spring Farm Cares, I was privileged to attend a professional animal communicators weekend. It took place right around that fateful day of “Nine-Eleven,” so much of the sideline discussion revolved around how to heal the earth. We discussed the effects of that event on the animals. We discussed how thought energy can create changes. I was introduced to the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, and his Hidden Messages in Water.

These were the early days before The Secret, and the whole Law of Attraction movement really took off. It was actually the intriguing photographic evidence presented by Dr Emoto in his work that began to shift certain possibilities into solid form.

One thing I, and many others, believe, is that emotion is an energizing force. It gives power to our thoughts. It is the turbo-boost that allows the physical manifestation of our imagination to take place.

This brings me to today, to our planet in the here and now, 16 years after the day we all promised one another that we would join hearts in love and heal the earth.

Something has backfired.

These times are scary. For many reasons, and regardless of what side they are on, people are afraid. The fear is growing, multiplying. The dangers continue to escalate. People on both sides post in social media or bring up topics of conversation, and the response is anger, ridicule, hatred. Every conversation gets out of hand. Friendships are dissolved. Families separate in anger. People, instead of reaching out a hand and saying, “Let’s help each other,” shove one another away with insults and rage.

Emotion, many believe, is the energizing force behind reality. Emotions are the push toward creative manifestation.

What world are we creating? Are our emotions contributing to what we are seeing all around us?

I am most certainly not saying I’m above negativity—far from it. I read posts, news articles, watch television reports, and I respond with fear. I get angry. I am dumbfounded by the greed and hunger for power. I am baffled by the insanity of many actions and words.

Am I adding to the escalating reality, by pouring my negative emotions into the collective unconscious that energizes it?

In the past week or so, I have worked hard on an inner resolution. From now on, when my heart clenches with fear, I am going to try my best to keep it under control. Oh, I don’t think I will ever be able to be completely unafraid when I see some things which are being done and said. But I am going to do my very best to respond to that fear with love. First, I will love my own heart, bathe it in comfort, and reassure it that as an individual child of the Universe, the Creator lives within me. I will tell my Self that its thoughts count, and that it has power to heal, and to help.

Then, I will take that love and move it outward. I will reach toward the life-energy that feeds our planet, to my fellow humans, and to all of Creation, and I will love. I will think peace, holding it firm, never letting it go. I will envision a beautiful future which grows nearer at a rapid, mind-boggling, inspiring pace, as more and more and more of us (of all races, walks, beliefs, and species) respond not with hatred and anger, but with love.

I will see a conversation that is teetering on implosion, or words that I don’t understand and previously would not be able to embrace as truth. Instead of reacting with anger in my heart, I will think, “I disagree with you. But I love you. Let’s heal together.”

I can’t do this alone. I can be an important part of it, yes, I do truly believe that each of us holds great power in our thoughts and emotions. But we need each other. We need to join our creative love and surround our planet with it.

Have you heard the tale of the 100th Monkey? The story goes that biologists observing two completely separate and isolated colonies of monkeys, on two remote islands, would deliver sweet potatoes to them each day. They began to observe an interesting phenomenon. The monkeys on one island, one at a time, started to wash their sweet potatoes in the water before eating them. This continued until all of the monkeys on this one island were doing the same thing. The scientists put it off to “monkey see, monkey do,” until suddenly, one day, one of the monkeys on the other island washed his sweet potato in the same way. Before long, every monkey, on both islands, were washing their sweet potatoes.

Now, I don’t know if this actually happened, or if it is an analogy of some sort. However, it is a concept that always gives me hope. I do believe, that if enough of us can respond to fear with love, to hatred with comfort, and to discord with cooperation, we can heal the earth. We can help humanity. We can create a future of peace and harmony. We can save our world.

I know that we are living in very scary times right now. However, I am going to try my best to not respond to fear with fear, or to hatred with anger. I intend to practice peace, and to respond with love, as often as I can, in hopes of contributing to the creation of a better reality.

Will you join me?


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