Creature Thoughts, March 2018: Total Cat Mojo (book review)

Total Cat Mojo (Book Review)

I had planned to start this review of Jackson Galaxy’s Total Cat Mojo in a different way. However, the day I finished reading the book, February 26th, Jackson posted on his Facebook page that the gorgeous kitty in the cover photo, his heart-friend Velouria, had passed away. Velouria was 26 years old. Yes, twenty-six. What an amazing life she and her human have had together. Jackson referred to Velouria as his original “Wallflower” cat, and she taught him all of the methods he now uses to help cats like her find their “mojo.” So, let me shift gears for just a moment to ask everyone to send thoughts of comfort to Jackson Galaxy, and wish precious Velouria joy on her journey forward.

My cat-loving friends and clients are probably tired by now of my encouragements to watch My Cat From Hell (which, I understand, is still not definitely renewed for a new season; I truly hope this cat-knowledge gem comes back). The thing that hooked me on Jackson’s show was watching this extremely likeable, and somewhat unconventional, man encouraging his clients to adopt all of the same methods I’ve been recommending for the last two decades. I’d joke (well, half-joke) that, “But they’ll listen to him, he has a TV show!”

The only drawback to the television show, of course, is that once the episode is over, it’s not a simple matter to go back and find the information if your own cat is driving you to a similar distraction. Jackson’s website, YouTube channel, and other online connections were somewhat helpful, but it still took the application of a generous glob of electronic elbow grease to track down the details.

No longer. Everything (and I mean pretty much everything) you’ve seen taught or recommended on the television show, you can now find in one place: a 365 page book chock full of Mojito Cat. I have to add: and more. Lots more.

The book covers everything from the history of domestic felines, and how their wild and then feral instincts control their current behavior, to the descriptions of the basic feline personality archetypes. It describes how to best bring out each cat’s inner confidence by fulfilling the need for “HCKEGS” (Hunt, Catch, Kill, Eat, Groom Sleep) in their (and your) day to day life. (“Play therapy,” anyone? All of my kitty-owned readers, tired of hearing me expound on that one, just groaned.) He then takes you, step by step, through the glitches to purr-fection cat-parents might come up against, and how to apply the newly-gained wisdom to fixing the problem.

To say, “I was impressed,” is total understatement territory. I’m more inclined to say that I’m going to make Total Cat Mojo required reading for all cat owners who want my help.

Of course, that’s liable to put me out of a job. But hey, if it leads to a whole community of happier cats, and happier cat-caregivers, I’m okay with that. After all, bringing out the best in the human-animal relationship is what it’s all about.

I suppose, after all that, I probably could have just summed up my review in six simple words: “Have a cat? Read the book.”

Here are some easy links to more information on and a way to purchase if you so choose:

Total Cat Mojo, paperback

Total Cat Mojo, Kindle version for e-book lovers (note, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read this; there are Kindle apps for PC, Mac, Android and iOS)


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