Birthday Week Special

I have a birthday coming up. I think I’ll be a Hobbit this year!

“Bilbo met the guests (and additions) at the new white gate in person. He gave away presents to all and sundry—the latter were those who went out again by a back way and came in again by the gate. Hobbits give presents to other people on their own birthdays.” —J.R.R Tokien, The Fellowship Of The Ring

I’ve decided, Hobbit-like, to offer all of you a little gift. For this week only, ending at midnight (US Eastern Time) on April 9th, I’m running a birthday week special on my 3-pack of prepaid sessions. For a few days, the cost will be discounted to the holiday rate of $112.

Please drop me an email if you’re interested in participating, and Thank You for sharing your beloved animal friends with me for all these years.

You make every day a Happy UnBirthday, so I’m wishing a Happy MyBirthday to all of you!

(Now to get that Hobbit hole underground home I’ve been wishing for, to make the picture complete. Of course, I can’t promise to grow hair on my feet….)



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