Creature Thoughts, November 2018: Vibration


Vibration“Everything in life is vibration.” — Albert Einstein

Or, even more dramatically:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ― Albert Einstein

Okay, I think we can all agree that Mr Einstein was a pretty smart guy. If he says that everything is vibration, and that, when broken down to the most baseline truth, there is no matter, that sure gives us something to think about.

The energy of the world around us (which is all energy/vibration) affects everything. It is the cause and the sum of all of our experiences, and all that we perceive.

Likewise, the energy that we put out also affects everything. It therefore makes sense that we must draw to us, or repel from us, the energy which matches, or conflicts with, our vibration.

If everything is vibration, and our thoughts and emotions are part of that everything, then it would stand to reason that our thoughts and emotions are vibration as well.

We can see many examples of how various types of vibration can affect the physical world. (Or, the perceived physical world, since if there is no matter…. Okay, I really love trying to wrap my brain around that; forgive me if it gets boring). Even vibrations one wouldn’t casually think of as a physical force can exert enormous influence. Take sound, for instance. You can’t see or touch it, but it can, quite literally, move mountains. It can shake foundations and crumble buildings. It can allow us to look through solid flesh and see what is deep inside.

It can even clean our teeth.

Vibrations are everything, affect everything. This includes our emotions. How we feel about things can quite literally change those things; how we feel about events can dictate their outcome.

The energy put out by other people can also have an effect on us, if we let it. It influences how we feel about them, and can have a strong pull on how we interact with them. It can even change the course of what we do, if someone’s energy effects us in a certain way.

If a relationship begins on deserved trust, it is much more likely to continue positively. If that trust is breached, however, even in the smallest way, what happens to the exchange of vibration?

For (hypothetical) example, if a new client begins our contact with an untruth or misleading information, trust is bruised. This blocks the energy flow, and it might be difficult for me to set that aside and get a good connection with their dog. It would be a challenge to separate the owner from the animal, and not let the animal see the introduced negative. That small breach in initial trust might carry over into me not trusting myself to clearly hear the animal. Worse yet, would my own affected vibration cause the dog to be suspicious of me?

Energy can snowball, often without us even being aware of it.

There are many ways our energy affects those around us, and influences how our relationships progress. The good thing about energy is that, at least in my beliefs, the positive energy far outweighs the bad. The pup in the above hypothetical exchange gives me a virtual tail wag, hearts open up, the breach is healed, and I’m able to help bring that dog and her owner closer together.

You’re having a bad morning, and you head for the office with a grump on. While you’re getting into your car, your neighbor across the way calls, “Good morning,” with a smile, and it lightens your step for the rest of the day.

While you’re home sick and feeling miserable, your text message alert jingles, and you pick it up to find nothing but a single line from your beloved someone: a heart emoji. Without exchanging words, you know someone is thinking of you with love, and you start to feel better.

The right tiny bit of positive vibration, applied at the right moment, can make an enormous difference in the big picture.

One super positive, and very powerful, vibration often comes in the form of two simple words. Hearing them with sincere ears and open heart can really make your day. Saying them, either internally or aloud, can change the course of your life in ways that can grow into something wonderful.

Those words are “Thank you.”

And yes, this long rambling vibration, this whisper and hum of words, was all meant to bring me to that point.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful animal families with me, and for being part of my world. Thank you for the trust you’ve put in me, and for the times you’ve challenged me to truly trust myself.

Thank you for being you.

To all of my friends in the U.S., a very Happy Thanksgiving. And to everyone across the globe, wherever you may be, I wish you a blessed Holiday Season, and a future where good vibrations come your way every day.

News and Updates:

It’s that time of year again!

On November 23rd, Black Friday, my annual 3-pack Holiday Special will begin. Price and terms will be the same as last year. It will run until midnight on New Year’s Day. Feel free to email me if you’d like more information.

As always, please continue to visit my website for updates, changes of schedule, etc. I will always try to keep the Unavailable Times page current, and you can also follow my Twitter announcements in the sidebar.

Blessings and Light,

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