A Ryder Update

Ryder - Saluki Nov 2 2020
Ryder, not crazy about arctic winds in early November

I’d like to thank the many people who write to check on Ryder. Considering the fact that when he was diagnosed in July, he was given a dire prognosis, he continues to do well four months later. He has had a few setbacks, including the one bleed in mid-September, but for the most part he is happy, comfortable, and content. We still go through some minor appetite issues, but we have settled pretty well on a variety of foods that he will accept. When he decides he doesn’t want Item A any longer, we shift to Item B, and jump start his appetite again.

A number of people have asked about the Chinese Medicine and herbal protocol Ryder is on. In addition to some other supplements, he is taking Turkey Tail mushroom (in a powdered form, which I am currently mixing with baby food meat and he laps it up like a treat), and Yunnan Baiyao. Both of these supplements have been found to help dogs with hemangiosarcoma. Many dogs have done well far beyond the generally accepted post-diagnosis life expectancy. We continue to hold out hope that Ryder will enjoy similar benefits.

It was an emergency protocol using Yunnan Baiyao that stopped the bleed and very possibly saved Ryder’s life in September.

There is quite a bit of information online describing the studies done, and benefits of these herbs. Here are a couple of articles, in case you would like to know more.



There is also a Facebook group which has been incredibly supportive and helpful. If you are dealing with a dog who has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, and would like more information about the group, just drop me a line, and I will send you a link.

So, Ryder is doing well. Most of my time centers around him at the moment, as I am intent on treasuring every minute and celebrating every day. I know that, with this disease, things can change in a heartbeat, but Ryder and I are doing our best to live in the Now, and the current “Now” is pretty good. He’s happy and enjoying being spoiled, having breakfast in bed, and being hand-fed many of his meals and treats. He doesn’t go for the long walks that he was once able to handle, but still enjoys our strolls around the yard, and visiting his ponies every day. He is one of the sweetest, and dearest, dogs I have ever known; a true treasure.

Thank you again to everyone who asks about him. You are true treasures, as well.

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