Creature Thoughts, November 2020

Dance In The Rain

Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty. To say that this year has been a challenge would be a major understatement. We entered the year thinking “20/20” would mean perfect vision. What we have found instead has been far from crystal clarity. And yet, we are here, facing its close, and still somehow holding on to hope that the next year will be better.

All of us, in some way or other, have felt the stress that this past year has generated. Some of us have battled illness. Others have watched loved ones do the same. Some have faced unimaginable loss. We’ve struggled through hardship and frustration, lost old friends, gained new allies, and tried our very best to do the right thing, even when we haven’t been altogether sure what that right thing might be.

Our animals have felt the strain, as well. They are so tuned in to our emotions, that they can’t help but sense when we are stressed. I have witnessed many animals go through various forms of anxiety, and act out those emotions in different ways. (The number of cats not using their litter boxes this year appears to have multiplied exponentially!)

One theme I have encountered over and over again as 2020 has thrown its worst at us is that our animal companions want to help. They sense their owners are stressed and so many of them have expressed that they wish to make their humans feel better.

“Tell her she can talk to me. I hear her heart.”

“I’m here for him. My purr will help him feel better.”

“She always feels better when she hugs me. Remind her that I’m here for hugs.”

“I need to take him for more walks! He always feels better after we go for a walk.”

When we humans are stressed, we so often forget that we are not alone in our struggles. Though we may often be at odds with each other (human to human), we are never at odds with our animal companions.

Our pets may not understand the details of COVID-19 and all of the challenges it has thrown in our path, but they do understand that their people are worried, or ill, or upset. They also know that, when their owners focus on the connection, and let the love into their hearts … they feel better.

Take time every day to just be present with your pets. Talk to them, tell them your troubles. Let them know you are aware that they want to help. Reach out and feel their soft warmth. Listen to their gentle breathing, and match your own to their rhythm. Just let go of all of the worries for a few minutes … and Be Together.

As we head into the dark season of this year, and look toward the next one, there are still many challenges ahead. By being quiet and centered in connection to our animal friends, we know that, whatever we are going to face, we don’t have to face it alone.

Ryder Update

For the many who have asked about my boy’s health, I have posted an update on how Ryder is doing.

News of the Season

November already? That means the Holidays are once again upon us. As always, I will be running my Holiday Special of a discounted price for a 3-pack of pre-paid sessions for existing clients. Since several people have already asked about the special, I’ve decided not to wait till “Black Friday” this year to begin it. If you are interested, feel free to send me an email any time in November or December, and I will send you the information. The special offers a $23 savings as opposed to purchasing the sessions individually.

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