Yes, I’m Available

I’m just posting a quick update to let folks know that yes, I am available to do email sessions, pretty much every day (other than Sundays). I’ve been hearing from people who appear to think that I’m on hiatus. That’s not the case. The only thing I’m unable to do right now is guarantee a specific time slot, which is why phone sessions are next to impossible to schedule. Email sessions, however, work out just fine, because I can do them at various times during the day when other demands aren’t taking my attention.

If I do have days that I know I won’t be around, or am going to be too preoccupied to schedule readings, I will do my best to update the “Unavailable Times” page ahead of time.

The very feral kitty who has taken up part-time residence in my horse barn.
It took me months to get a few photos of him with the help of a 300mm zoom lens