Creature Thoughts Sept/Oct 2022


Kira & Me

It’s time to turn and face the strange.

And, boy, has it ever been strange.

I had actually written a heart-felt newsletter for September/October, though one that some might not have wanted to hear. It was all about my plans to retire next year.

Then, my better half spoke with the company that provides our heating fuel. They discussed the current rates and what the winter is going to look like at our house.

Retirement plans got circular-filed. A brief chat with a dear friend sent me on a search through the past. Said friend was correct. My fees haven’t changed since 2016.

I know that the cost of living, heck just surviving at this point, has skyrocketed everywhere. Our family is not the only one struggling. Every company that provides the services we need to get by has raised their rates, some to frightening levels. Most often, those companies are only trying to survive, because their cost of operation has gone up and up; their up-stream suppliers have had to do the same to them.

We may find ourselves asking, “Can we get through this? Are we going to be able to … Pay our taxes? Heat our homes? Keep the electric on …?” The list is endless, and for far too many, the answer is “no.”

That “no” lurks in the shadows at our house, too. In order to get the ends a little closer to meeting, I will be raising my rates as of November 1st of this year.

Here is the new fee schedule, in brief. I hope it won’t be too imposing.

The base rate will now be $50.00 per half-hour session. The discounted cost for a three-pack for existing clients will be $130. The holiday rate (yes, I’ll be holding my holiday special as usual) will be $120 for the three-pack. I will still have my 20% discount for those who are contacting me about animals that legally belong to legitimate rescue organizations.

Again, these changes will take place as of November 1st, 2022. I realize this is short notice, and may not be what anyone wants to hear. Perhaps, though, it’s a little bit better than “I’m retiring in 2023.”

I wish you all a safe, healthy, and lovely autumn (or spring, if you’re living on the other half of the globe). May the ch-ch-changes of our strange times turn back towards better days.

With apologies to all for any difficulty this may cause.

And of course, with apologies to the good Mr. Bowie.

Helping the Wildlings Through Winter

Do you feed the birdies in the winter? Put out fresh water for them? What is your feeding station like? Is there shelter from the wind and weather, so the little ones can duck out of the cold between bites? Here’s a nice little article from the Audubon Society to help you safely feed birds in the winter.

In addition, you can help over-winter some very special animals right here in my home county by making a donation to New York Wildlife Rescue Center. Visit their website … there is a donation button on every page. Winter is tough on everyone!

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